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What is a Couples Intensive?

Couples Intensives are a way to accelerate and condense the process of couples counseling. One advantage of this model is that it allows the couple to get a jump start, right at the beginning of therapy. This model is perfect for working professionals with busy schedules, parents who struggle to find time in their week, newlyweds, and couples who can make time for weekly therapy but have run into an issue that needs immediate attention. Issues like: the recent discovery of an affair, marriage burnout, and stubborn arguments that continue to resurface with no resolution. 


The Intensive model is also great for pre-marital couples looking to build a strong foundation as well as couples who are eager to dive right into therapy and accomplish the equivalent of several weeks’ worth of counseling, in a short period of time.


Half Day Assessment Only Intensive


Half day Assessment only Intensives are scheduled for 3 hours and include:


  • An in-depth assessment of current relationship difficulty and areas of conflict

  • A look at your individual histories as well as your shared relationship history

  • Analysis and feedback of marriage strengths and opportunities for growth 

  • Tailored recommendations for future counseling work 

  • Gottman Relationship Checkup Questionnaire (completed prior to your session) 


Price: $775


Full Day Couples Intensive

Full Day Intensives are scheduled for six hours. The day of your Intensive is divided into two, three- hour sessions. The first part of the day includes a 3-hour relationship assessment. During the second part of the day, we will review some possible goals and outcomes for our time together and complete exercises tailored to your unique relationship issues. 

Some examples of goals for the second part of the Intensive include: repairing past arguments, breaking down gridlocked problems and learning how to successfully compromise.


This Full Day Intensive includes:

  • Half-Day Assessment package (3 hours)

  • The Gottman Couples Questionnaire (completed prior to the Intensive)

  • Additional 3 hours of therapy for skill building and problem solving

  • Virtual tool kit and supplemental materials 


Price: $1,550


Premarital Couples Intensives


Premarital Intensives are scheduled for six hours. The day of your Intensive is divided into two parts. The first part of the day includes the 3-hour relationship assessment. The second part of the day will include skill building for a happy relationship based on the foundational work of Dr.’s John and Julie Gottman. 


This option includes:


  • Half-day Assessment package including the Gottman Relationship Checkup Questionnaire (3 hours)

  • An additional 3 hours of skill building for a happy relationship


Price: $1,475


Couples Intensives are likely not the right fit for your relationship if:


  • There is active addiction within the relationship

  • There is an active or ongoing affair and you or your partner are unwilling to disclose it

  • There is an active and untreated severe mental health issue for one or both partners

  • There is active or ongoing violence within the relationship

  • One of you is experiencing thoughts of harm toward yourself or others


If you are ready to book your Couples Intensive contact us today! We look forward to getting you scheduled.

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