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How to make an appointment


Step 1. Email us

Our email address is . You can also call or text us at 407-314-3199. Please let us know what your availability for session is, and advise us of your request for telehealth as a North Carolina client, so we can offer you a time and date that will work with your schedule.

Step 2. Download the new client forms

Once we have a date and time scheduled, download the new client forms and fill them out. If you are scheduling a couple’s session, please make sure you each fill out one set of forms. Only one party must include debit/credit/HSA information.  Paperwork can be found at the bottom of this page.

Step 3. Return the completed new client forms

Please scan and attach the completed new client forms to an email and send them to Your session time and date cannot be confirmed until I receive all completed forms.

Step 4. Connect with us

As a remote client attending session via telehealth, you will receive an email via inviting you to my virtual waiting room. The invitation will usually arrive just before the first session. You can use the same link to connect for every subsequent session.

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